About Us

Live Sound Company focused in the Bay Area.

Our Story

Steve Riccobono and Dan De Shara formed Sound Travels Productions in 2010. Since 2016, Steve has been running the business solo. Dan's initial help has been instrumental in setting our standard for high quality service with his 30 plus years experience in live sound and as a musician. In 2017  Luck would come our way with more gigs and retaining another local musician and sound tech, Chris Bryant ( CB).. CB's knowledge and experience continues to drive our high standards.


  • Full sound support for bands including mics, monitors, and lighting
  • PA systems for announcements and background music
  • D.J. service
  • In addition, we have contacts with many with high end, east bay bands ready to rock your event!
  • Basic set up with the Berhinger X32 and lighting.

    Your average party with my sound gear. Full of dancers and full of fun.